We had a chat w Dom of ARCHIVEBERLIN

His designs are soooo iconic that even Alessandro Michele got a sip from his Gucci collection. 

We had a chat w Dom of ARCHIVEBERLIN

In Berlin we met Dom, of ARCHIVE Berlin, a reference place to archive pieces from high-quality fashion houses to streetwear brands, a place that showed us the amazing Louis Vuitton leather jacket made by the legendary Dapper Dan and then shared with us more about his legacy.

Dapper Dan is one of the gods of fashion in the hip hop world. His influence began in the late '80s & early '90s with Stars like Biggie and still remains in the young gen artists like A$AP Rocky, Dj Khaled n A$AP Ferg

He's best known for making "knock-ups" using bootlegged fabrics or leathers prints from monogrammed brands like Louis Vuitton, Versace and Gucci, turning them into iconic sporty chic clothes that would make any rapper of the late decade insane and 100% spot on.  

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In 2017, Gucci brought back one of his creations back to life, the puffed sleave jacket that once had LV monograms on it, it now has the double GG's. The resemblance was in automatic that the name Dapper Dan was on the spotlight once again, making household brands pay attention to the black culture that they ignored in the past.

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