METCHA | the oracle of leather design culture.

About Us

The oracle of leather design culture.

We seek to tell the most compelling stories within the worlds of design, art, fashion and lifestyle, shining a spotlight on the subjects and the individuals that make up the everyday lives of the people who shape the world of today.

Through a bold, fresh and honest storytelling, METCHA hopes to encourage innovative thinking, inspiring people to continue to evolve the ever-expanding culture of creativity.

Speaking of creativity, we love leather. We truly believe it is one of the greatest partners to the creative industry, helping to generate some of the most desired ideas around.

So, our mission is to bring forward the best projects and curate the most stimulating stories connected to this powerful partnership.

By doing so, we hope to inspire a generation of tastemakers, trendsetters & style-conscious individuals to also understand and see leather as an exciting creative partner.