an artist w oversized talent

Why we makin' such a BIG deal about her? Well, cause there're some things you can't just fit in a pocket. One of them is Virginia A.K.A. The Big Bag Club's a mix of oversized ideas & talent.

Virginia AKA The Big Bag Club

Movin' around between Turin n Milan - and supposedly always carrying just a handbag - the 22-year-old started her +20k followers 'gram account as a daring-sassy-young joke. One day, she just though "hmmm... what if all bags have larger sizes?". Next thing, she realized her fashion-hand match was getting bigger, literally.

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Bags are Virginia's fave fashion item, obvs. She pays attention to every detail - like colors, shapes & materials. For her, fashion is something that goes way beyond dressin' choices.

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"Fashion should be a way to influence people not only on their way of looking but also on they think and act."

In a catastrophic scenario, she would go w/ a comfy and suitable Chanel Boy or Celine Luggage - 2 classics. What would she put inside it? Possibly, a lot of things. But definitely, good headphones so she can just chill out and have a little xtra fun. 🎧

R you still here? So hit play, set the mood n keep scrollin' to check our chat w/ The Big Bag Club.

It's not a B-I-G dtr, we promise.

For a start, pls describe yourself in 1 tweet for people who don’t know you or your work.

I’m Virginia, I’m a 22 years old graphic designer based between Turin and Milan, but maybe you better know me as the mum of @thebigbagclub.

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Pls, talk us through ur creative process: how does this link between fashion and fun/memes happen?

I started to think about The Big Bag Club project a couple of months ago when scrolling through my Instagram I found Paulinha Sampaio during London Fashion Week with a huge Gucci bag. At the beginning I thought that it was a fashion meme, a joke. Then I found out that it was real and I started to imagine all the bags in a larger size. 

The page was born as a personal portfolio. I was working in a communication agency at the time and I wanted to create a page dedicated to my graphic and post-production projects. In my original plan it should have been a collection of my past and future works, then the big bags took over.

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We don’t need big stalking skills to know ur a big leather bag fan. Which are your favorite pieces/brands when working w/ this kind of material? 

As you can see on my feed, one of my favourite brands to work with is Chanel. I like their shapes and colours. I also really love the new Bottega Veneta bags designed by Daniel Lee. But if I had to choose my favourite photo I would choose the one of @emilisindlev with the pink Marimekko bag.

It’s battle time! FASHION vs GRAPHIC DESIGN: which one is ur biggest obsession?

I like them both especially when combined. A lot of brands that have collaborated with graphics have relaunched their name and their products through a younger target of consumers. Some iconic examples are Kaws x Uniqlo or Virgil Abloh x Ikea.

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And what ‘bout the brands emerging in the market, do u have a top 3?

Gucci, in Alessandro Michele's new 70s concept. The Attico, because I am terribly fascinated by feathers and sequins. Rotate Birger Christensen, with its refined fabrics and sophisticated details, encompasses all the elegance of Northern European fashion.

Sustainability is a topic that’s on the rise right now - more than ever. How do u feel ‘bout this subject inside the fashion world?

I think it’s important to preserve our planet and one way to do that can be thought fashion that is something everyone has in common. Fashion should be a way to influence people not only on their way of looking but also on their way of thinking and act.

If u could wear only 1 leather bag for the rest of ur life, which one would it be?

Good question! In a catastrophic scenario like this, I would choose a comfortable bag suitable for any occasion. I think my choice would be Chanel Boy or Celine Luggage (for extra space).

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