Ur day-by-day tote just gotta greener

Ur day-by-day tote just gotta greener.

the first 100 percent sustainable leather by MULBERRY

The Portobello Tote is another something to add to Mulberry’s list of positive changes. Last year, the company made all the UK operations (offices, factories, and retail stores) became carbon-neutral. 🌏

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Now, the Mulberry’s first 100% sustainable leather bag is here, inspired by the shape of plastic-bag but made w/ grain leather from a gold-rated tannery. The material is a by-product of the food production. 

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The gold standard rating 🥇 is awarded by Leather Working Group based on the environmental operations and outputs of tanneries, promoting sustainability in the lthr industry.

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Available in a range of shades — black, midnight, chestnut, Nordic blue, crimson, tangerine orange AND Mulberry green —, they are all supported by Murberry's lifetime restorations services such as dreplacing screws, components, and straps here and there.

And guess what: 100 percent of net proceeds from the sale of the Portobello Tote will go to the World Land Trust, a conservation charity that funds the creation of reserves and provides permanent protection for habitats and wildlife.

Now u have enough to answer: u cop? If u didn’t, shop ’em here