The new ForTwo keeps the incredible design plus new colors and still amazingly sustainable for a better life in the city.

ENJOY THE ALL ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE: The 2020 Smart EQ ForTwo is a special one.

The 2020 Smart EQ ForTwo its a special one

The car created to be the ultimate city car gets even better with the new 2020 model.

Yes, it’s now all electric. 

There are new colors for you to pick and lots of new stuff, like the redesigned full-LED optional headlights and a new look for the front grille, which no longer holds the Smart badge as it’s been moved to the front of the hood. 

The model funky design gets even better with the leather seats and a redesigned center console with a large storage compartment that is large enough to accommodate even the biggest smartphones out there or two coffee cups. Moreover, the car now goes even further: it has a 159-kilometer (99 miles) autonomy.

Customization, sustainability, and beauty all around.