Be ready to turn on your radar for iconic designer pieces that have shaped generations.

Be ready to turn on your radar for iconic designer pieces that have shaped generations.


While Berlin has that reputation for being the streetwear capital of Europe, Paris is def catching up with a dope range of streetwear stores.

We’ve been to Paris and we found one of them with the rarest hypebeast pieces and, as you may already know, the stores are a great place to find some of the best collaborations of the moment, especially across leather and suede footwear & designer gear.

Let's say that it was not by accident that we bumped into STRUCTURE, next to République / Temple Metro Station.

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"We’re a store focused on limited editions. So, shoes that you may find at a regular store you definitely wouldn’t find here. We only work with rare, special or limited editions".

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They incorporate a cult style w/ branded items, like Supreme x Everlast Leather Punching Bag & rare pairs of shoes, such as the Nike x Sacai or AJ1's Retro High Travis Scott in suede.

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"My favorite shoes of all the ones we have in store is this Air Jordan. It’s a reedition of the first ever Air Jordan from 1985".

You can bet we are w/ u on this one, Jacks.

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"The most expensive sneakers we have in store are no doubt these Air Jordans signed by Virgil Abloh. They cost 5.5 thousand euros. It’s a super limited edition".

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The OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Jordan 1 UNC comes in premium leather and mesh construction on the upper n swooshes w/ orange threading & is waiting for you at Structure. Are you some of the lucky ones who copped'em?

You can buy these and more Structure rare pieces here. Or visit 'em at 12 Rue de Picardie, 75003 Paris, France.