Out in the NY streets looking for that red box logo w/ SUPREME in a white Futura Heavy Oblique on it.

Out in the NY streets looking for that red box logo w/ SUPREME in a white Futura Heavy Oblique on it.

Open up ur Google Maps and get ready to cop: here are the very best NYC spots w/ the sickest SUPREME deals.

Admit it: we are all a little obsessed over Supreme.

This feeling comes in many many forms. Whether it is a white tee or a killing red leather bag, we all wanna cop some. It's been like this since 1994, when the label made its first moves to be a part of NYC skateboarding culture as we know it.

Now, u can see spot the red light from steps away – and we got inside to feast our eyes on all the red leather. Signature pieces and some limited releases were all over the place.

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But we were still thirsty for more. And guess what: there's a hotspot without pre-orders or reservations — u cop straight from the stock.

SoleStage is one of the newest streetwear store in the Big Apple. It opened up its doors at the end of March 2019 w/ all the *best* deals, and they are well known on LA for having an inventory of sneakers and streetwear items that u just don't see everywhere. A craze selection of Nike snkrs and a lot (we mean a LOT) of Supreme deals.

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We had the chance to talk to Willian Concepcion, manager at SoleStage NYC. and here's our full chat. 

We can def see & want Solestage in any corner of the world. Why the Big Apple?

This is Soho! When we got the space, Supreme was still over here. It was perfect for what we were trying to do with streetwear, we got skaters coming in. It was just the perfect spot for us to have a store and to get in the market in New York.

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U got a lot of Supreme deals over here. Why do you believe Supreme has gotten this big?

Supreme is a New York brand. It’s a skater brand. For twenty-five years, they’ve been here and there are a lot of people in New York. It never got out of NY, the hype and all that stuff. They did that collaboration with Louis Vuitton.

It hit the mainstream, getting artists such as Lady Gaga wearing a whole suit made of Louis Vuitton stuff. She had all the bags. People started to notice it and a little bit more and more and more. And they grew and grew and became the monster that it is today because it's just there.

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We spotted some Supreme x Louis Vuitton bags around here. They were a huge success in the whole universe of fashion, streetwear & design. Do you know what kind of leather they are made of?

They're Italian leather. They're Louis Vuitton products with Supreme stamps on them. 

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What does leather represent to you? Why do u think the most luxe stuff we have around is made of leather?

Because it looks beautiful. My wallet is all made of leather. I went to Italy and I have a perfect leather wallet with my initials. It just looks good, it looks classy, it looks sophisticated.

The great thing about leather is that it lasts. You can beat it, clearly, you can destroy something made of leather and it will look beautiful. When you have leather boots, you wear them the first time and you'll be ok with them for two years in a row. Then they look more beautiful. The only thing you have to do is replace the soles and you're good to go.

Nike used to make a lot of products in 2005, 2006. That's the main time that I was also a sneakerhead. It feels like the nostalgia from that time. Everything… the quality of the product that they used to make. I was fascinated by it because $120, $100 shoes and they had great leather. My favorite shoe is Air Max One. It’s called the Air Max 1 Hazelnut.

And he has three different types of leather in it. 

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 Do you have it here?

No, I just don't have it. It's just one of those things that people don't care about, but I love shoes. I have it on Instagram so I can show you a picture of them, but it's those little things that they used to do. 

And we have shoes here from 2005, that era. You feel the leather was so soft on your feet, you'd have to even break them in. Now it's just different. Now everything is mass-produced. So it's really hard for them. I'm assuming it’s hard for a big company such as Nike to keep doing stuff like that. That's why I like Adidas because it always maintains the same leathers. I love those white leather shoes they have because I know what I'm going to get for $90. I'm not going to be disappointed with Nike. I buy them because of their leather.

You can see them there on that wall, as you can see the different leathers. You've got the smooth leather, the suede, the nylon match. Those are the things I like.

They don't make stuff like that anymore. It's just a little bit nostalgic whenever I see a shoe that is from my era. It’s lovely.

We get people here. We get doctors. We have little kids. They just want something Supreme. They're just walking in Soho and they come into the store and buy a hat. They just don't know what it is.

That Mickey hat over there is a Mickey Mouse x KITH collaboration, but they never actually made the hat to be sold. So that's a sample hat. And stuff like that is expensive. One day a lady in her 70s walked in here and saw and looked at it and said: “I love Mickey.” She bought a trucker hat that day.

So we cater to everybody. That's why whenever you come to the store, I greet you. And then I tried to make connections with you because that's the thing: if you're walking in here, you're curious to see what we have or you know what you're getting. So we try to make that as easy as possible.

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Last one: What is the Supreme collab of ur dreams?

They've done collaborations with everybody. Supreme is not really my style, but I like the brand because we made a lot of money with it. I’m just being honest.

I like the little stuff. I love it when they do stuff with Pyrex, but not the Off-White Pyrex, the Pyrex as they did this last year. They made a measuring cup, just a crystal measuring cup, and they just put a Supreme print on it. Those are the things I love because that's a detail that I can use in my house.

That's the only way to describe it because Nike has that history. All the other brands, such as Adidas, also had that history. The people are wearing their shoes in the NBA, NFL, athletes wear it for playing basketball, soccer, football, every day. Then you got Supreme and Supreme is for skaters. They make that stuff for skaters. They’re not pretentious as to what they do. They know what they are. And that's why people like them, because it's real. That's just the way that they are. We're gonna do this crazy thing and that's all we're doing. There’s not a crazy idea with them. They did a brick. A brick. They’re very original. They started a lot of things.

As soon as Supreme makes it, you will see that a lot of people are wearing brands copying it. They’re just one of those brands that I really respect, and they're from New York. So they've been here, and they had that store for 24 years there, it was a little store and nothing changed. Skaters used to hang out there and other random people used to hang out there. So it just felt nice.

It’s one of those brands that if you like clothing, you will be attracted to them. I just don't wear them, but I respect what they do. We're close to the Supreme store. Opening a store here is a big thing for us. When people come here, they always think that we're Supreme. We have a lot of stuff. They send people over here because sometimes everything sells out over there. They said just go to Solestage over there, they might have something that you want to buy. We've got a good relationship, I think.

If u head to SoleStage, let us know what u cop. 👌