Metallic Hourglass XS Top Leather Bag by BALENCIAGA: an instant hit. Dive into the details of this new model of the iconic ⌛ bag.

Yeah, obviously we r still keepin' up with the obsession over smaller crossbody bags.

Metallic Hourglass XS Top Leather Bag by BALENCIAGA

When we think of Balenciaga, we immediately think of two things: its iconic City bag, and the creative director Demna Gvasalia’s often loud & sometimes outlandish designs.

ICYMI, last fall, the brand introduced a new bag: the Balenciaga Hourglass Bag.

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The Hourglass Bag gets its name from the unique curved shape of the bag, which was i inspired by their famous blazers. This bag dope design is incredibly unique, as well as its finish with a flap closure accented with a matte gold B (and sometimes, silver).

There are currently a few different iterations of the bag from an XS top leather metallized bag to a larger matte calfskin version, is already loved by all of us.

Also, the bag works for a few reasons: it’s both new & different, and yet it blends the perf balance between modernity & timelessness.

It’s been a while since the brand designed such an instant hit (it's almost sold out everywhere), and though this bag has all the makings of one, do you think it has the power to reach City Bag stats?

You can order this baby here.