Meet Mal D'aurore, owner of Wsiura & lots of pwrful leather fits

No better spot for thriftshoppin' than a dungeon, right?

Meet Mal D'aurore, owner of Wsiura & lots of pwrful leather fits

Lookin' for a unique place in Berlin? We got u, hunny, u just hav to come downstairs real quick 👀.

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In our recent stop @ Neukölln we just had to check out Mal D'aurore's store 'Wsiura'. The Polish pwrful selection of fits from 90s/00s Berlin Designers gets a twist once u check out the dungeon.

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So, ready for sum up close underground (literally) Berlin? Check our chat w/ Mal 👇.

When did you move to Berlin? What made you come to this city?

I moved from Warsaw to Berlin in 2013 after seeing no more chances of growth & wanting to escape the radicalization of the country. Having tasted the western freedom, I wanted to live it. It was also the last moments Berlin's club scene felt underground and not so commercial.

What aspects of life here in Berlin inspire your style?

Def the gay techno club scene had the biggest influence on my style. There are countless people that constantly inspire me, either friends or regular 'strangers' I meet on the streets or in the clubs, but I like to keep my influences real and down to earth, totally avoiding popular culture, staying local.

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How and where do you connect with folks like u in the city? Where do u go and what do u usually like to do?

I'm not much of a bar person or the art opening wine-sipping b*tch. My social life circles around clubs, mostly one, which lately turned into the most mainstream powerhouse & a monument to the gentrification of Berlin. But it's still the place where I met most of my friends and where on Sundays we can spend some crazy time together.

U created your leather selection in a dungeon, right? How does it relate to your style?

Leather, in my opinion, is rather difficult because of its price and history. It's not a thing for beginners. It needs special care and respect, it needs to fit perfectly, and should be of good quality. Leather for me is about power, it needs to make u look powerful.

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How do you choose your pieces?

For the moment the essentials are leather pants in a biker/fetish style, long leather coats matrix/90s gothic style & we select 80s exaggerated styles from Mugler, Montana or Jitrois. We always look for a good quality-price ratio, either good basics or over the top designer pieces that are good investments.

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Have you picked our leather selections by now? ⛓