"That's the freedom of riding: u don't pick a route, u just jump on the bike and go wherever it takes u." HARLEY-DAVIDSON @ Dubai brings out the heat of the desert in the finest lthr gear.

It didn't take us a test ride to fall for the Harley pack – just a chat.


The right spot to be (bsclly at any time ever) is @ the Dubai desert test rindin' a true Harley-Davidson, right? Well, we wanted to see for ourselves

Since 1903 the iconic motorcycle brand is gettin' all the attention when the topic is quality & freedom on wheels. But the real deal is when u think of community — that's HD biggest strength 🏍🤝.

Folks travel around the globe w/ one thing in mind: gettin' the best experience ever. & during our visit to the Middle East we got close n personal w/ Gareth Williams, one of the brand's biggest groupies, who also works at the Dubai franchise.

Check our chat here. 👇

Can u point a nice spot here in Dubai that Harley-Davidson fans go to show off, ride it or just take a look?

Because of the heat, in the morning u find certain clubs that meet up & go for rides to Sharjah or to just run along the coastline. They just did a three-day tour from Dubai over to Abu Dhabi. They just kept going n going. That's the freedom of riding: u don't pick a route, u just jump on the bike and go wherever it takes u. 

And what type of clients do u usually get?

Pretty much the ex-pats and the Wolfpack Dubai Charter, groups devoted to HD. They've always been here getting involved in riding and taking people out on cool places apart from seeing tourist destinations like the Burj Khalifa and so forth. They also can take u out to the motorcycle cafe to meet n greet and go out for a ride with the pack.

What can u tell 'bout the lthr used in Harley-Davidson gear?

Harley-Davidson's always had leather on their seats. And they've always had lxthr jackets. It comes down to quality, especially in this heat. It's a global brand, so they're not going to just use half-arsed upholstery to leather up or post-processing. They always use the best leather.

Yaaas Gareth, tell 'em all 'bout lthr & travel plans excellence 👌