Oficina Penadés takes warehouse to a whole neon level. The newest CAMPER store in Málaga is a definition of leather footwear meets good-design.

Pop-industrial aesthetics all the way.

Check the newest CAMPER store at Málaga

The industrial touch came from a visit of the designer to the Camper's headquarter warehouse is Binissalem, Spain. The raw feeling that comes not only the space being literally a warehouse & Camper's global leather footwear in the front-line is softened with a bright color palette & a combo of neon lights.

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The project was part of Camper Together, a team of creatives who designed unique products & stores that keep bringing new sights to Camper. The new Málaga spot is the first one ever in the history of Camper to be designed and fabricated by one person's hands. 🖖

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And be aware: Jorge Penadés is an up-and-comer who always manages to play his way around colors and materials — like with his upcycled leather composite Structural Skin furniture line back in 2015.

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