Be aware of this name - and sheux, of course.

Be aware of this name - and sheux, of course.

ANCUTA SARCA's upcycled hybrids and leather-sneaker-spliced kitten heels

Meet the Romanian designer behind the upcycled hybrids and leather-sneaker-spliced kitten heels that u have seen all over insta — keep rolling and check Ancuta Sarca's custom and unique designs.

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Before flying solo, she holds a Master's degree in Fashion from The Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca in her home country, Romania, then moved to London for work, where she gained a lot of experience working with Meadham Kirchhoff before joining the studio team of Ashish Gupta.

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With this background, Sarca’s creates one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces the are the perfect balance between fanciness, weirdness, and sustainability. She's well known for this kind of trainers-stiletto hybrids, made mostly out of leather sneakers, like upcycled pairs of Nikes and vintage heels sourced from charity shops.

We're pretty sure that this is the kind of work that makes us wish we'd had this idea before, right?

Please, check her work and share your thoughts on it. Don't forget to find more dope design works here