" So my name's Laura. My oddest name is Venus Guy Trap. I'm from Sydney, Australia. And I moved to Berlin to pursue my career. And because I just… I fell in love with the culture. "

A glitch in the matrix never looked so good.

A glitch in the matrix never looked so good.

U can def tell how a person is by who they aspire to work w/, don't u think? 💭 @ our stop in Berlin we met Venus Guy Trap, whose absolute dream is to play w/ Honey Dijon, an American DJ that has amazed our ears with her incredible sounds nd queer advocacy. Or even the Canadian musician Peaches for advocating for queerness & feminism. Good choices 🙌🙌.

Laura, best-known as Venus Guy Trap is an Australian DJ & a party producer that went to Berlin to pursue her career. & 'cause, u know, to fall in luv w/ the city's club culture.

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"I play house, disco & I really vibe with artists like Honey Dijon and floorplan some Jayda G. Also some kind of throwback 90s like Gillette and Madison Avenue. Just like really sassy kind of femme-focused queer house. That's what I like."

Changing cities had also an impact on her sense of style. Not just because of the vibs of the place, but the way it has relevance on expressing oneself. "In Berlin, versus Sydney, clubbing is more of an experience. & turns out looks are very noticed here, it's kind of about appearances. I don't know how I feel about that, but it has definitely influenced my style. I definitely feel more as if I found out more about my personal look since I came here."

Still w/ expression in mind, Venus told us the relevance of buying sustainable things. "It's very important to be aware of where your clothes come from. That plays a part in picking the pieces that I do."

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& if u r like us, her 90s vibes coat has caught your attention as well. & yes, it's second-handed 💁‍♀. "90s kind of matrix vibes looks are really popping. Styles from 90s/early 2000s movies are very present on the scene now."

Statement pieces are a MUST for Venus, just like the Dr. Martens she flawlessly matches w/ her coat. "They're just really iconic. I also like the kind of grungy punk working-class images associated with them. I kind of vibe with that & they're comfortable, SO comfortable."

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So, if the Matrix glitches nd gets u in the middle of this city, u know where to find her: @ a club named KAKE. It's THE space for art, queer performances & meeting good ppl. There, u can 4 sure express urself & test all kinds of fits — the more extra the better.

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