Velo d'Anvers Bikes Velo d'Anvers Bikes

When handmade bikes unite w/ the hottest spot @ Eindhoven 🀝🚲.

Velo d'Anvers Bikes

In a city where everything finds a way to be more pwrful & high-tech, there's one thing that remains untouchable: handmade bikes w/ lxthr elements that bring the best 'bout comfort & last longer than future can track.

& one thing u must stop n catch your πŸ‘€ @ Eindhoven's Striip-S nbhd is a workshop called Velo d'Anvers. W/ a cozy place to hang, take a cup of coffee nd see what the workshop's up to, there's always new lthr goods (& new vintage goods) to check.

We talked to Theon, the man (& hands) behind these incredible bikes. Come see it for urself:

When did you start at the bikes business?

Five years ago I started in Antwerp, Belgium. But I was born in Eindhoven, so I came back, moved the shop to here, got married & found my place. At first, I was doing this from home. then I opened a shop @ the Urban Shopper, which is kind of a mall. But I grow bigger, bigger and bigger. So I needed my own space and moved the shop once more, now to this kinda warehouse building.

What do you usually do here in this store? 

I build custom bikes made from used frames, specifically race frames or touring frames. Then I put new wheels on, new saddles, new all the stuff you need for a bicycle. And I repair these kinds of things πŸ› . In Holland you have so many bikes, so it’s how I pay my rent, just building bicycles. That's the fun part of it. 

What materials do u use for the seats? 

Even tho nowadays I'm all about experimenting w/ other materials, leather is the best 'cause it’s the most comfortable, long-lasting material & looks way better. You can also treat it to be waterproof. It's nonsense that people say synthetic stuff is better because it's waterproof.

Something that catches our eyes around here is that the Brooks England seats are always in a dope bike. Why is that?

I think it's the most common brand. Also, they're more specialized and more classic. It's a whole brand made in England. and people like that. Some of the Brooks England ones are on the table. But I sell all kinds of seats, I'm not just focused on one brand.

Since you know all 'bout bikes, what kind of seats do u have on your bike?

I've got the racing saddle on my own bike 'cause it's the the cargo bike for the shop. I use it to take tires and all sorts of equipment from one place to another. My bike always have leather settles on, but that old kind with thin leather. 

We def wanna go for a ride, HBY?