Nothing in your wardrobe will last as long as a good Taylor Stitch leather jacket — their team creates awesome pieces to get our hands on. Just trust & tap.

Long-term pieces made of sustainable fabrics.

Taylor Stitch is a brand that is an expert in leather

Over the last 10 yrs, they have made pieces for the long haul, for men who enjoy some vintage, but are also in love with the new and modern. From eye-catching accessories, such as boots, jackets, shirts, to accessories & bottoms they create fits that will def elevate your look.

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Maybe the best part of all the history behind the brand is that they have a mission: they try to take the clothing industry to a whole new model where sustainability and long-term clothes reign. Please, be sure to catch their One Of A Kind Restitch & Vintage pieces. 

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For example, The Cuyama Jacket is the sort of timeless that you’ll want to pass on from one generation to the next — it's a rugged cowhide leather jacket based on a vintage style & super stylish finish.

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And, of course, it also has a story. Read below the inspiration story of this Taylor Stitch leather jacket.

"Our lead designer, Nick Kemp, was inspired by a deep dive into the unsorted stock of a local vintage shop backroom, where he stumbled upon a gorgeous, well-loved leather jacket with detailing he’d never seen before, including a belted waist and uniquely shaped welt front pockets. He knew a one-of-a-kind garment like this deserved a life beyond the dusty old stockroom, so he decided to use it as a jumping-off point for this heirloom jacket. This isn’t just a simple recreation, though—thoughtful updates are everywhere, including beautiful natural dark horn corozo buttons (complete with contrast reinforcement buttons), a cotton twill liner for added insulation, and corduroy detailing throughout. The Cuyama Jacket draws its inspiration from the past, but, because it’s a Taylor Stitch piece, you can rest assured that it’ll live on well into the future".

It looks like this is a jacket that will get better with each wear — and we r really into it.  

Keep earth sexy.