Meet us in Dubai, Amsterdam or wherever Oumayma style is @.

Meet us in Dubai, Amsterdam or wherever Oumayma style is @.

Oumayama Elboumeshouli tells us bout her inspirations

U know all that inspo u have been collecting for future fits u gonna pull off 👀? Oumayma Elboumeshouli took it out of the paper & it's worth all the likes she's gotten.

The Moroccan stylist based in Dubai & Amsterdam has collaborated w/ brands like Burberry & Net-a-Porter, now gives us a glance of her amazing viewpoint over Haute Tabloid.

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The fits talk for themselves, WBK. But we had a chat w/ Oumayma to know even more, shall we?👇

U r the creative director of a very cool platform, the Haute Tabloid. Can you tell us more 'bout it?

@hautetabloid is basically my workspace where I show all the art direction, photography and styling work that I’m doing. It’s still quite new but I’m trying to start doing more work for brands, where I am standing behind the lens 📸 instead of in front of it. I’ve always been passionate about creating the perfect image and look. This is something I would love to start doing more and more and I absolutely see myself doing this for the upcoming years.

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What is it like to work in two different places such as Dubai and Amsterdam?

It’s amazing to have the opportunity to work from both places. My home will always be Amsterdam but Dubai is such a great spot to be right now. I feel like the region is changing and it’s amazing to be part of it. I find it hard to find good locations to shoot in Dubai, but outside of Dubai you have amazing landscapes and Asia is super close. Amsterdam is more of a workspace for me. I send most of my stuff there, I have my home there, my friends and most of my network. 

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Havin' those global view makes you unique, for sure. What is your goal when it comes to style?

I really love to make a statement. I want people to recognize my work and I think that when there's a lot of power involved in the images, people will recognize my style and see when it’s a photo I took. Also, another thing that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I use shoulder pads under most of the looks I wear and I go thrift shopping a lot. When I thrift, I try to re-design the pieces myself to create a different and unique look.

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U choose a lot of pwrful leather pieces in your looks and the productions you make. Why is that?

I do have a connection with leather 'cause I’m Moroccan. Morocco is known for their leather production when it comes to jackets, bags 👜, couches and many more.  

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Can u tell us what is it like to work with big brands like Burberry and Net A Porter?

A HUGE dream. I never thought about it in the first place that I would ever work w/ any of these brands. I love it when brands choose me because of my style and eye. It’s such a nice honor and a feeling of appreciation. I started this job as a daily hobby when I was still in college. I was buying magazines and getting inspiration from shopping pages and cutting editorials and putting them on my inspiration wall. Today I see my work in magazines and hope there will be another kid sitting in their room and doing the same thing. Just believe in your dreams!

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Updating inspo wall AWS ✏.