and how music encourages voices to be heard.

‘Don’t take sh*t for granted’: the artist Joya Mooi chat w/ us and tells how music can encourage voices to be heard. 

JOYA MOOI tells us how it feels to be an artist in Amsterdam.

Taken by her South-African roots, the songwriter Joya Mooi carries a strong will to share her stories standing in Amsterdam streets. Colour, identity and acceptance are actual points to be talked about when you are a young biracial girl who wants to shake things up a little bit. 

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“I really like to tell my story because nobody is gonna do it for me, nobody else is there either. So I really want to share my perspective because I think it’s important. But I really hope that one day it won’t be important anymore.” 

Beyond music, symbols are also a way to express herself and to create a style that says "I’m here, I exist and my experiences make me who I am."

“I think, as a human, not even as an artist, you are always looking for acceptance or recognition. ‘Cause my black family is in South Africa and my white family is here. I feel more of a connection with my family in South Africa, maybe because culturally I feel more as a person of colour. But I live here, I belong here. For me, it’s still, from day to day, a strange thing."

It’s in this scenario and inspired by Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Hip Hop, that Joya has released her last album in September this year, called “The Ease of Others”

Well, we hope she keeps launching lots of songs. Keep an 👀 out, we certainly will. 🔥🔥🔥