"Every lxthr I choose is 100% Made in Italy & it's all handmade. I give all my passion to my work."

When life gives u a second chance, u can follow Ben's steps towards ur dream 💭.

BENHEART: The shop where everything is made by hands (& hearts).

Ben's a designer who had a sudden life change. In 2011 he had a heart attack during a ⚽ match. By then, he discovered he needed a heart transplant. Surviving all that, he realized that he had to follow his dream: Benheart.

U may be thinking 'Benheart' refers to Ben's new heart. But it actually means "son of the heart" in Arabic. Born in Morocco but a Italian by heart (pun intended), Ben can do it all. From designing, sewing to dyeing the best leather out there.

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Take a closer look at Benheart's work right here 👇

We know u used to be a designer for luxury brands before of having your own label. How do u choose ur lthr w/ ur background?

Before my brand, I used to design the big brands like Giorgio Armani n Luisa Via Roma. I only designed jackets there, but in my head I always had a dream, which was starting Benheart. Firstly, I started to design only for me & for my name. Then I opened Benheart. 

Every leather I choose is 100% Made in Italy. Mostly from Solofra & Naples, in the south of the country. It's the best city in the world of leather for jackets and for pants.

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What could u say it's the main difference between Benheart’s lthr and the other lthr brands?

I don’t know, but in my opinion my leather is all handmade, I give all my passion to my work. This is the difference. In other brands, they have beautiful leathers. But in my there's passion. I love only my brand, I look only after my brand. 

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Producing all these goods must be a lot of work. Do u work together w/ the team of artisans?

I mostly design, but I work with the artisans & they help me. We have a lot of people working in the factory, about 42 artisans. And they all work on my leather bags, leather shoes n leather belts.

People from everywhere come to ur shop. What are they most lookin' for?

I have a mix of clients, some of them are 20 years old and some are around. Everyone loves my product. But the young people are looking for strong and fashion jackets, so I give them a vintage treatment. 

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U have amazing lthr here. What's your secret?

I work with only natural and treated leather, so I don’t use chemicals in my material. Also, I only use sheep and buffalo leather.

It must have not been easy having a heart transplant. Did your it affect your dream before all this? 

Before I only designed, helping out Giorgio Armani, but real my dream was starting my own brand. After that I changed my mind because I had a very big problem w/ my heart. So after my transplant, I changed my name & decided to go after this dream. So I created a style for Beanheart. 

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A def can't miss in all that Tuscany magic ✨.