The inspo from Sarah comes from everywhere. Wanna bet?

The inspo from Sarah comes from everywhere. Wanna bet?

4 times Sarah Meurle rocked the flip

The multitalented skater SARAH MEURLE was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden, and she has been ripping for years.

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The full time professional skater travels the world taking the dopest pics between flips. While simultaneously competing, pursuing art, and finishing a post-secondary education (yup), she is one of the top women to watch RN in skateboarding, being sponsored by Nike SB, Poetic Collective, Streetlab, Stance, Rockstar Bearing... just that đź‘….

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Want more? Here are the facts on Sarah:

1. She's from a generation inspired by Tony Hawk's video game female characters.

Being a skater woman in the 90s lacked a lot of inspiration, you could only see your idols live or on TV, there was no such thing as playing your faves videos over n over again. Sarah was inspired by her city's skateboarding scene, focusing on self-expression & playing the Tony Hawk's game only with female skates, obvs.

Since she was a kid, skating was a huge part of her life, so much that she was part of the first graduating class of Bryggeriet, a high school in Malmö dedicated to skateboarding. Her dedication and accomplishment got her prizes like the Best European Female Skateboarder of the Year, in 2017, as well as in 2019.

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2. She has dope kicks that last every flip.

Can u imagine skaters without their sneakers? Neither can we.

Sarah's gram is full of close shots of her Nike leather snkrs, because between flips and jumps you def need durable materials, like her fave suede picks. Besides that, drops like Nike's give the skating vibe all the way.

3. She was the first woman to ever curate a Solo Skate Magazine issue.

In 2018, Sarah was responsible for getting the most diverse issue of the German skating magazine yet. Her goal there was not only to display incredible women and their skating careers, but also people that are usually outside of what's shown in the media. Curating a whole print magazine demands a unique vision that she obvs has, also 'cause of her photography background. Oh, about that:

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4. She's also a photographer.

Skating means that u see a LOT of the world we live in, street after street. So she decided to capture all she saw.

After graduating and working in her skating career, she wanted to do more. She took a BFA in Fine Art Photography and also went to a one-year pre- educational Fine Art Photography course outside of Malmo. “They had a whole lab there, and I got really into it. Before that I had never thought of photography as a material activity, as I had shot analog for a long time, but never before worked with the negatives in my hands”, says Sarah.

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Clicking here u can check up close her pics filled with her personality that enjoys the imperfections offered by film photography.

Multitalented or what? 

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